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    True Confessions of New York Girl

    When I think of embarrassing moments there are those that rise to the top. I will never forget the dressing room; I was standing in line to try on some clothes, when a nice lady asked me if all the rooms were taken. I simply replied that they were and that I was in line. On the outside this was a normal exchange, nothing too ordinary about it.  Let me just add a little more color to the scene.   The scene: a mall in Scranton Pennsylvania, America. A true Yankee, born and raised in New York, where all “a” sounds are clearly that of a New Yorker. Enter in…

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    what’s in your family box?

    My garage is full of boxes. We are freshly married and the excess of our combined lives, lives in our garage, including everything from the wedding. It serves as the extra space for our kitchen items, our lawn games, our tools, and of course all of the wedding decor.   More recently; however, I just inherited a number of items that belonged to my late father. These boxes are also in my garage. They are filled with items that are left from his life, his passions, and his hobbies. They were once his but now they are mine. As I have looked at them I’ve realized there are only three…