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My name is Christina Crain. I have worked in clinical settings, schools, churches, and my own private practice for over 15 years. I’ve taught at a Christian University for the last 10 years and have founded multiple Christian counseling programs across the country. I am passionate about teaching and helping people find healing and freedom through Christ by taking a faith affirming holistic approach to therapy.




Professional Background


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor


Licensed Professional Counselor


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Certified Telehealth Professional

Qualified Supervisor

National Board of Counselors

National Certified Counselor

Certified Mental Health Counselor


BS in Bible -Clarks Summit University

BS in Counseling - Clarks Summit U.

MS in Counseling -Clarks Summit U.

Training for Adoption Competency

Collegiate & Graduate Education


·       Understanding and Treating Addictions
·       Behavior Addictions
·       Substance Addictions
·       Research Methods
·       Evaluating Research
·       Psychology of education and Learning
·       Abnormal Psychology
·       Crisis Counseling
·       Human Development
·       General Psychology
·       Family Legacies
·       Soul Care
·       A whole Church model for ministering to the
·      Counseling Interventions for Women
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Course Instruction & Design

Speaking Engagements -Workshops- Conferences - Talks



Finding Personal Freedom
Mental Health
Ways we deal with Emotional pain
Internal Voices we can hear
Anatomy of a Stronghold
Hearing the voice of God
God’s plans for our lives (Luke 4)
Understanding Addictions
Relational Needs
The power of words
Religious Trauma Boundaries
Spiritual Abuse
Psychology and Spirituality


Private Practice Start Up


Non Profit Start Up


Support Group Formation


Lay Counselor Programs


Faith Affirming Counseling


Mental Health in the Workplace


Mental Health in the Church


Faith Affirming Culture



My Story

Every story has a beginning and mine is no different. It was the summer of 1997 that I woke up and I found out who I was. I understood for the first time in my life that I was made for a purpose and for a future. From that moment on God became my lifeline, my life source, and the director of my steps.

My story of Freedom starts when my eyes were open but it continues today. I believe in trail blazing and leading the way. Through my experience in relationships and spiritual community I have grown in my understanding of spiritual abuse, religious trauma, and spiritual pain. I remain faith affirming in a culture that faces these realities as well as active discrimination.

My professional training in counseling, my study of the Bible, coupled with the radical journey God has sent me on is not simple or painless. I've found third world living in America's backyard and around the world. I have left all that I've known for causes I believed to be true. I've grappled with hard spiritual realities in a world full of pain... but the theme that has remained the same is; I'm not done yet. So let's get going together! 

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your love O Lord endures forever. Do not abandon the works of your hands. Psalm 138:8