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When Addiction Hits Close To Home

When Addiction Hits Close to Home Christina Crain talks about gaining perspective, defining the problem, and finding the pathway to freedom when addiction touches our lives and the lives of others around us.

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True Confessions of New York Girl

When I think of embarrassing moments there are those that rise to the top. I will never forget the dressing room; I was standing in line to try on some clothes, when a nice lady asked me if all the … Continue reading

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Live Free

We largely do not live free because we do not understand our world and how it works! Lets look at three ways we can live free and understand our world through the example of Christ.

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too little too much

Two women enter a room. One has a million dollars the other the dream of a million dollars. They each control the other. Which one are you? One thinks she is too much the other thinks she is not enough. … Continue reading

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what’s in your family box?

My garage is full of boxes. We are freshly married and the excess of our combined lives, lives in our garage, including everything from the wedding. It serves as the extra space for our kitchen items, our lawn games, our … Continue reading

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people are so…

I feel it rising up in me all the time. People. They don’t get it. Someone takes the shopping cart clearly I wanted. Someone purposefully cuts me off in traffic just to get under my skin. It seems that everywhere … Continue reading

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its me

It’s me! I am back! I am looking forward to officially writing under my new name; Christina Crain. Check back for some more posts!   -Lil C

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